So today’s post is a deviation from my normal articles. I’ve been casually cataloging my style for a while now, taking a photo whenever I get to work – partially to document my style evolution, partially to see which pieces of my wardrobe don’t get any play so my closet clearing becomes easier down the road.
I’ve been much more lax about it lately, though, so when my colleagues asked me to put up a post of my style, I wanted to know if my style would stand up to the “5 Days of Portraits” test, I figured it was a good time to start up and really document my day to day for a week.

So without further ado, here’s Day 1:

Madame Solange (6)

Day 1

I tried this all pink combination an attempt at wearing a pink monochrome look. On the other hand I decided to brighten the look with a dash of white and blue with  my shoes.

Pink Blazer – Single-breasted Blazer from H&M
Cami top – women’s cami top from Camaieu
Pastel skirt – Blue pastel pencil skirt from Lipsy
Shoes – Pink, blue and white sandals from BelleWoman Paris
Accessories – Silver accessories from I am

Then Day 2:


Day 2

I actually love dark and earthy colors however i have come out of my shell to rock brighter colors, so I combined my yellow neon blazer with a black dress, to top it up I added a dash of white shoes for a bit of zap.

Yellow Blazer – Single-breasted Blazer from H&M
Lil Black Dress – Lil Black Dress from River Island
Shoes –White shoes from New look
Accessories – Gold accessories from I am
Watch out for Days 2, 3, and 4

What do you think?