Is your natural waist closer to your bust than your hips? Do you have high waist? Long legs and on the tall side then you may have short waist. If you fall in this category of women there is a solution on how to style your body type.  


1. Get the appropriate length of skirt

Women with short waist are likely to have elongated legs, accentuate your best assets by showing them off. One type of clothing that suits this body type for women are skirts in different styles, from pencil to A-line. Just ensure the length graces your knees, anything longer may be unsuitable.

Why? Long skirts can make your figure appear poorly proportioned. When the lower path of your body is swathed in long fabric it makes your upper body look shorter by contrast.

2.   Be Cautious of Belts

Wide belts take up too much space on short waist and make the body appear boxed up. To play your waist up, try on a skinny belt which will accentuate your curves and don’t take up too much room. Use belts around your hips, or under the bust as opposed to being at the natural waistline. When the belt is under the bust it elongates your torso and high lights a lean appearance.

A belt slung around the hips draws the eyes away from the torso and highlights the lower half of the body.

3.   High-Waist Pants are not your friend

Instead try lower rise pants to fool the eye and make your torso appear longer. These types of pants are best for short waisted women. Midrise styles also work well for the body because they are not so high to eat up your midriff.

4.   Say Yes! to Empire Waist Tops and Dresses

An “empire waist” is when a garment fits tightly directly under the bust and then flares out to the hem. This works like wearing a belt below the bust, because it lengthens your midsection.

Empire style dresses work well for women with short waist. The aim is to make your figure look balanced as they visually raise your waist and elongate your torso.

5.   Don’t forget the Bra

Buy a proper fitted Bra, wearing a good supportive bra helps hike “the girls” up and away from the midsection making you look leaner and more proportioned.

6.   Don’t tuck in tops

When you tuck in shirts into pants or skirts, it creates a horizontal line across the midsection making your waist look short. Work around it by leaving your top un-tucked drawing eyes away from the middle. For a formal look a blazer and necklace to make you outfit look put together.

Balance your body with these style tips and show off your fabulous legs, remember to work with your best assets and remain stylish as always.