About Us

About Us

Madame Solange is your daily fashion and style destination. Giving you insights on Fashion and Style editorials, fashion industry news, the best of fashion glossy, African and international runways, always with a unique mix of style articles, and a digital fashion venture that promotes and celebrates fashion icons, cool clothes and really pretty pictures.

Who this site is for

This site is for one who wants to learn more about the Fashion industry comprising African and international trends. It is for the one who has an eye on high end style and wants to become stylish. It is for the one who wants to hire a personal stylist. It is for the one who wants to find tips on where, how and what to shop for.

Every customer needs style ideas, and shoppers need exciting and knowledgeable people who can advise them about making that style pick on new designs in the fashion world. So If you seek fashion inspiration, style inspiration, shopping ideas and personal styling tips then, we are delighted that you found your way to Madame Solange’ s fashion magazine.

Agencies, magazine publishers, photographers, designers, artists, models, stylists… wanting their editorials, lookbooks or fashion events covered do contact us. 

Contact us at [email protected] for any information or inquiries and we will be glad to solve your style needs.