Stephanie Okereke

Stephanie Okereke Linus – Vlisco Brand Ambassador

If you love the Ankara fashion and it truly represents you as an African then you’ll not hesitate to style your tribal patterns in ways your love. On this style segment for African attires and looks, we have curated different looks for you from the: Vlisco Women’s Month Award held on Sunday March 30th 2014.

We noticed lots of Ankara fashion and could not help but bring you these looks for your Ankara style inspiration.

See lovely pictures here.


IMG_9247 IMG_9248 IMG_9254 IMG_9258 IMG_9260 IMG_9265 IMG_9267 IMG_9938 IMG_9940 (2) IMG_9947 (2) IMG_9947 (3) IMG_9965 (3) IMG_9974 (3) IMG_0002 IMG_0007 IMG_0015 IMG_0034 IMG_0041 IMG_0043 IMG_0044 (2) IMG_0053 IMG_0066 IMG_0082 IMG_0095 IMG_0153 IMG_0154 IMG_0164 IMG_0173 IMG_0176 IMG_0187 IMG_0191 IMG_0218


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