What is the ideal African look? “If you ask me na who I go ask”, in the words of Nigerian singer Omawunmi. I think achieving the perfect African look is dependent on several factors and those factors are numerous.

Being African for me implies that my values, beliefs and orientation are a blend of my unique heritage. What heritage would that be you might ask me, well I am a proud African blend of the Cameroons and Nigeria, and do I love my mix. Certainly!

This blend of cultures inspires me daily to aim higher and achieve beyond boundaries whatever i dream. I may not be as dark skinned as my Ebolowa brothers, but I am light skinned like my Igbo sisters.

Whatever the ideal African look is to you, I have defined mine, which is why I choose this blue print from my Bamileke brothers and the yellow lace to represent my Igbo and Yoruba sisters.

The bead represents my marital Nembe origins and the white part of my outfit symbolizes peace for all.

I am proudly African and here is my ideal African look.

What is yours?


Photography: Emezie Asogwa (Instagram @emezieasogwa)

Outfit: Esoven (Instagram @esovenn1)

Makeup: Madame Solange

Styling: Madame Solange

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