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Gaining unique insight into the secrets of industry key players, as they share the innermost contents of their everyday style sanctum: their handbags! Is always fun and a good peek at individual personality and style.
This time, we speak to Diana Tambe Blackpearl, Director and Founder of African Fashion Week Amsterdam (AFWA), a platform privileged to exhibit the beauty of African culture & arts with the aim at educating and developing the fashion industry platform to a worldwide audience in the Netherlands.

Our style team spotted this beautiful lady at the AFWN and she’s opened up her bag for our perusal.

Read on to see what we found!

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Name: Diana Tambe Blackpearl
Occupation: Student/Model/Fashion Designer/Event Organizer
What’s your Personal Style? My Intimate Affair with Fashion: Dress To Kill [Quality, Allure, Class, Elegance]
The Bag: Chanel- Why I love Chanel

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Founded 1909 till date, Chanel revolutionized fashion! High fashion (haute couture) and everyday fashion (prêt-à-porter) — by replacing structured-silhouettes, based upon the corset and the bodice, with garments that were functional and flattering to the woman’s figure.
Coco Chanel caters to women’s taste for elegance in dress, with blouses and suits, trousers and dresses, and jewellery (gemstone and bijouterie) of simple design that replaced the opulent, over-designed, and constrictive clothes and accessories of 19th-century fashion. And Blackpearl’ being the innovative brand that we all know, to collaborate with Chanel will be Epic!

The Purse/Wallet: Chanel / Armani
The Gadgets: iPad / iPhone / Samsung galaxy
Beauty Products: Chanel / YSL Red-lipstick
Most Favorite Bag Item: Cazal shades, pen, mist-spray
Final thoughts: My Dream is to promote African art & culture through promoting leading African Designers in a Global market, Support and Strengthen the destination Reputation for Developing Design Excellence, influencing the Social and Demographic change and increasing Mass Tourism and International Travel of each and every of my Fashion Event Destination around the globe.

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