Now we would not go about looking like this right? But I could not help but bring you these lovely pictures of beauty imitating art featured in Vogue Netherlands. This is a channeling of lovely colorful graffiti-inspired by art of Jean-Michel Basquait for a beauty feature “Les Beaux Arts” in their March issue.

The images highlight contemporary art created by French Makeup artist Topolino. The crux of the beauty artistic feature is with how the artist has redefined beauty in fine art, I think its amazing even though I would not go about in a painted face or hand however I would like to recreate a painting of myself this way. Impressive I must say.

hayinstyle-erwin-olaf-vogue-nertherlands-2014-2 hayinstyle-erwin-olaf-vogue-nertherlands-2014-5 hayinstyle-erwin-olaf-vogue-nertherlands-2014-3 hayinstyle-erwin-olaf-vogue-nertherlands-2014-1 hayinstyle-erwin-olaf-vogue-nertherlands-2014-6 hayinstyle-erwin-olaf-vogue-nertherlands-2014-4


Photo credit: hayinstyle/Vogue Netherlands