Did you see what i saw? Don’t think so, OK, just before we get into the swing of the upcoming Fashion weeks, I have been looking into the previous collections at the Spring Summer collections brought to the major capitals and have selected a few designers that caught my attention. Etro is one of them

Today I am looking at prints, and what I find interesting about them.  oh how I love prints; I love the pure look and the longish, breezy feel I get when I look at one because it always reminds me of the beach and a lovely pair of flat sandals to go with it, now that however depends on what style the print is made into and how it is worn.

It is has quite a decorative feel and gives me this tribal feeling as well, it gives me the feel of being at an exotic island with sea breeze blowing all over me. What a feeling.

Beautiful prints with paisley for me is a signature look, long silk dresses with a grown-up hippy vibe and softly tailored coats and jackets to match, are very stylish to me.

Take for instance Etro’s collections at the Spring Summer 2014 in Milan from the video above, featuring cornflower prints with embellishments; beaded paisleys were presented looking as rich as ever in a palette of sandy yellow and tan, red and mint green. There was that feeling of relaxed luxury, and scarves draped around the neck with beaded fringes, very classy I must say.

Sure will rock my prints any day. Find my preferred looks from the Etro’s collections at the Spring Summer 2014.



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Video: From FTV

Pictures from: Vogue