I came across Wiyaala a Ghanaian artiste and was quite enthralled by her whole Africanese Androgynous style. I said to my husband, she is quite an original, and reminds me of Grace Jones. And all I thought about was to feature her unique style on Madame Solange.

Originality always sells and Wiyaala has got me gushing over her work. I had never heard of her before now and am glad I watched; CNN African Voices, showcasing the unique African talents that abound across the continent.
What might you say attracted me to Wiyaala? Simple, she is proudly African as she clearly portrays in her sense of style and communicates this clearly.

In her bio she is described as “Wiyaala, aka ”the young lioness of Africa”, a personification of modern Africa: creative, brave, strong, beautiful. Her name, Wiyaala, literally translates to “the doer” in Sissala, her tribal language in which she sings alongside English, and perfectly describes her approach to life”.

It’s also quite remarkable that she is responsible for her stylish looks. This comes close to what I always preach about owning your style. What more can I say but keep it up Wiyaala. When it comes to style, confidence is the new chic, stay inspired.

Check out a curation of her stylish looks for your style inspiration.

Read more on Wiyaala on her site: wiyaala.com