Womenswear Designer Lanre DaSilva Ajayi recently unveiled a New Collection for S/S 2017 called “Artistic Statement.

Influenced by her love for art, the designer explores an artistic imagery through fashion by collaborating with the renowned artist, Ayoola Gbolahan.

According to the designer,

“From the onset, I visualised an artistic imagery which prompted me to work alongside renowned artist Ayoola Gbolahan who brought my creative thoughts to life. The beauty of imagination is limitless. I could see and analyse the feelings they would evoke in every woman. The feeling of not just pride alone but of strength and renowned dignity”.

The talented artist, Ayoola, says

“Everything is a symbol with meanings. Images don’t just appear in my work as random decorative patterns alone. There’s a thought behind everything, a purpose to communicate”. Everything is a language form to enhance or catalyse a discussion and fashion has never been more essential in creating a dialogue than now, right here, in this age in which we live in. ‎

The entire collection is beautiful and we love these designs with pleats, talk about creativity at it’s best.

Would you rock these pieces?

See the looks below

See more on: lanredasilvaajayi.com