Do you know that when it comes to image and style, colour plays a major part in communication? Within seconds of meeting people, they will respond to the ‘colour messages’ flashed by your clothes.

Medical science ascertains that colour can influence a viewer’s hormones, blood pressures and body temperature. Therefore when adorning apparels and choosing certain colors, it’s important to know what impact they will have on:
(a) Your shape and size
(b) How they will make others feel
(c) What you are communicating about your personality
(d) Appropriateness to occasion and age.

For instance while the colour red exhibits confidence, wearing red to a job interview may not be easy to the interviewers eyes. This may create an uneasy atmosphere, opt for colors that puts others at ease especially when in a formal setting.

While we love the colour blocking trend in fashion, we advise that you choose colors wisely to suit the occasion

Checkout lovely combinations of colour for style inspiration by fashion blogger Folake Kuye Huntoon

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