The fun thing about fashion is that you can be someone new every day. You can be sporty and comfortable on a Monday, glamorous and chic on a Thursday, or sexy and trendy on a Saturday night…

The fashion industry provides us with new styles and looks every season, but these looks can sometimes be too much or eccentric, so here is a guide on how to look stylish even with the novel fashion trends.



Style Guide:

To find the right clothes and accessories for you, you don’t need to go far. Look for websites where you can buy and sell your favorite items, find great piece of clothing, jewellery and bags at great prices. If you want to be sure not to run out of outfits for a special occasion or event, try to fill 50% of your wardrobe with basic items that you can easily mix and match, and 50% with the most glamorous and trendy garments and tone them down with basics. A simple secret always works!

Sometimes new trends can be too bold or unconventional for you, but if you do not want to be left behind with fashion, look at fashion magazines and blogs that now fill up the Internet. You will get a glimpse of what fashion looks like on real girls on the street and find inspiration for your own style. Then, just go to your favorite stores in town and try, try and try again. You might like that Peplum skirt, but it might look no good on you or that dress that you thought would not fit, could fit perfectly and give you an amazing shape. Just try!

Invest your money on trends that look good on you and that you know will never go away, such as skinny jeans, a little black dress, a nice top, and then use the latest and most fashionable accessories to jazz it up and be perfect for different occasions, events, moods and climate!

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Author: Sade Adebayo

Sade Adebayo

Sade Adebayo is a student of communication sciences and a freelance writer, passionate about art, travel and photography. She collaborates with several blogs and online newspapers