African wall
Still African

I sure want to get these bags off the frames but how do i even get them? I thought i heard someone Sey Hey! Pondering, hmmm!

Ok, I hear well its Hesey, right? But what does that mean, this monologue is not getting me anywhere, ohh! Quit pondering Solange, you can get them from Hesey designs.

It’s that awesome Nigerian fashion label that specializes in creating custom-made apparels and accessories for women. Blending exotic creative designs with African prints, yet producing unique items that enable customers get all the attention they deserve.

Remember every Hesey piece tells a story. Every piece reflects true attention to detail, quality craftsmanship and eye catching prints.

Ok now I know why I have been stuck on these pictures can’t wait to get one off the shelf. I like them because they are 100% original and is unique to the owner, more so you can rock them with different colors and looks whether African or Western style.

Way to go Hesey this is Africa at its best

So go get yours now. @