Technology has made it easy for us all to be up close and personal with our favorite people. Don’t we all have our favorite Celeb Insta Accounts? My Insta crush this week is Lupita and here are my favorite collections of digital experience with Lupita Nyong’O.

Lupita (8)



Lupita (10)

Introducing her Mum to Major Women of Influence

Lupita (11)

12 Years A Slave


With Chiwetel Ejiofor

Lupita (14)

Chocolatey Things

Lupita (9)

Gift from her Mum

Lupita (12)

Post #EEBAFTAs repose

Lupita (6)

Va Va Voom


Lupita (2)

Lovely Orchid

Lupita (3)

Moment with creative mind

Lupita (5)

Still on Chocolate

Lupita (1)

Aha! The Front row

Lupita (4)

Piers Morgan Live

Lupita (7)


Lupita (16)

Red Rose

Lupita (15)

With Fellow Oscar Nominee, You know who.

Lupita (13)

Cover Fashion

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