DJ Cuppy

Do you dream of having an effortless sense of style?

What are the tips to achieve a look that is elegant, sophisticated, but understated and doesn’t look like you tried too hard?

Looking at effortless DJ Cuppy you would say; I certainly want to look styled like her and would much rather savor the sweet attention of being understated than overly chic, and the certain sense of self-power that emanates from that.

But guess what it is sometimes easier to look high maintenance and over-styled rather than effortless and chic.

Age doesn’t always make it easier.

When we’re younger, we are usually more easily willing to take chances and care less about looking effortless and more about looking trendy. We’re still stuck in that”gotta have it” mode.

Trendy can lead to over styled in a hot second as you just glob on to what’s “in” at the moment rather than sitting back and taking pause as to what is right for you.

So when you mature, it compounds itself and you tend to struggle with what is really right for you.

What you need to learn is how to self-edit.

Wear what’s worthy of you and not advertising a brand or a trend. Look how simple & stunning she looks.

Everything works in unison and doesn’t overpower the most important aspect, the wearer!

This is what I enlighten stylish chic  ladies about, as it’s not the amount of pieces or the hours you spend creating “outfits,” but the self-confidence in knowing that you can pull it together when you need to… and, that’s just GOLDEN.

If you’re seeking the ease of looking effortless, you might want to step back just a little bit.


Effortless and chic

Revel in a certain sense of undoneness.

Knowing what’s right is the opposite of trying too hard.

Feel the self-confidence that comes so naturally to French Chic women… it’s not about quantity but the quality of what you wear that’s right for you.

Take the time to assess what makes you feel great about yourself and hone into that.

Beauty is how you see yourself. Style is what ties the pretty bow on your personal package.

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