Ezinne Chinkata could well be described as one of Nigeria’s finer Fashion stylist and Image Consultant. Best known for her expertise in Fashion, the beautiful Ezinne has established herself as a leader in the Fashion industry.

The previous years has been a testament to our icons career while styling major Nigerian celebrities, establishing a fashion outlet and launching a fashion blog.

With a fashion career that has taken centre stage, Ezinne is currently enjoying her passion with widespread recognition for her exploits in the Nigerian fashion scene.

As a vintage style enthusiast it seems Ezinne can do no wrong when it comes to styling herself and her clients. This puts her on on our style icon feature on Madame Solange.

Get style inspiration from this fabulous stylist. You can never go wrong with Zinkata.

See Lookbook Below.

Ezinne’s Style is very vintage; her lookbook here does a great job of illustrating her style. Ezinne on the whole, sticks to bright and solid colors, she does a whole blend of the palette and knows how to work the three Colour rule.
She however does not seize to infuse elements of her personal style into her looks, which would you replicate?

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Ezinne shows an example of how to perfect feminine vintage style. She is a good example for anyone in their twenties, thirties or forties looking to daily style inspiration.

She also shows the shining standard of how to incorporate your own personality into your wardrobe and how important it is in establishing a personal style.

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