My review of this collection speaks volumes for Raf Simons, because I liked the Glamorous concept for this 2014 Haute Couture collection. He definitely wanted to make an appeal to that person with energy for style and with this spring 2014 couture collection it certainly hit that mark.

Simons’s latest contribution for the house of Dior came with an assortment of asymmetrical day dresses to heavily embroidered evening gowns. However there were a few constants here: several of the looks featured a kind of transparent element now and then that meant sheer fabric, at other times it meant holes cut into the garment itself, and they all of looked incredibly easy to wear.

This also goes double for the dresses that were paired with flats that sparkled like juiced-up running shoes ready for a night on the town.

Nevertheless even with all the sporty appeal of this collection, there were also moments of unconcealed elegance in this show. I bet a bevy of women and their stylists would compete to wear these gowns on the red carpet, just as I day-dream about owning one. Speak of High Fashion; remember Haute Couture is not for everyone except the Crème.

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Photo Credits: Style.com