Christopher Michael Shellis, from Birmingham, U.K. with The House of Borgezie, has created the Princess Constellation collection. It has taken over 25-years but Chris has completed it. His latest designs include solid platinum or 18-carat gold. The stilettos also include diamond encrusts. Do you have $335,280.00? Because that’s how much a pair from the Princess Constellation will set you back!

1,290 precious gems, two years to develop and each pair takes three weeks to create. The heel and sole are replaceable and guaranteed with for a 1,000 years.

The House of Borgezie clientele includes Russia, Dubai and the United States.

Let’s take a look!

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‘Possibly the eight wonder of the world’

The Princess Constellation is a fully diamond set version of the Contessa Stiletto considered one of Borgezie’s finest creations. The Princess Constellation is incrusted with 1310 diamonds resulting in a massive diamond weight 65.50 carats all set in to a choice of platinum or 18ct gold.

The-Borgezie-Princess-Diamond-Constellation-5 The-Borgezie-Princess-Diamond-Constellation The-Borgezie-Princess-Diamond-Constellation-2 The-Borgezie-Princess-Diamond-Constellation-3 The-Borgezie-Princess-Diamond-Constellation-4 The-Borgezie-Princess-Diamond-Constellation-5 (1) The-Borgezie-Princess-Diamond-Constellation1