I am always amazed when I do a closet overhaul for my clients and find new outfit styles they never knew existed. Recently I did a wardrobe evaluation and I created over 30 “NOVEL” outfits from a client’s closet. A potential she never knew existed.

Learn to play dress up

How can you see this potential you may ask, but one trick I always teach is; learn to play dress up yes! You can do this on a weekend when you are less busy and indoors all-day.

Start by walking into your closet and pair outfits you have not worn before. It’s easy just assume you are pairing outfits for a client. It helps ease out the feeling of dislike for certain apparels.

Playing dress up is a good style exercise and it takes getting used to. As much I love playing dress up, I sincerely hate trying on clothes at fashion stores. Yes! But I had to learn to do this by taking out one day in my calendar for shopping exercise.


Remember when you were a child and wore only what you liked and what you fancied? Well the same rule applies as an adult, wear what you like and be creative with it. Have fun and be your own cheer leader.

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Photo source: Pintrest/ houzz.com