Whites are angelic, and most people love the look, however maintaining the perfect white apparel can be a daunting task. I once spilled a whole can of drink all over my white skirt at a party, Oops! Embarrassing, i must say. Anyway find here your style guide ladies for wearing those nice white outfits.



Style Guide

  1. Make sure to match your underwear and bra to your skin tone. Leave lace, printed, and white underpinnings at home keep it simple.
  2. When you go out shopping, place your hand behind the fabric to check for transparency. Or take an item outside into the daylight to confirm this.
  3.  Have you noticed that white dress shirts are always in style? You don’t need to spend a lot to acquire nice ones, nonetheless try and replace them seasonally—they have a tendency to turn yellow.
  4. For office looks, ensure to stick to sturdier, thicker fabrics (tropical wool; crepe). They look more professional than flimsier ones, like linen.
  5. Perfumes can stain and spoil your white outfits, ensure to apply perfume before getting dressed (to prevent stains); please do makeup after (to avoid smudging when pulling on clothes).

There you have your style tips for adorning your white outfits. Why not see some nice spring 2014 white collections below for style inspirations


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