“What should women do to meet their Career, Business & Personal goals?” “Do you know that I have to work twice as hard as a man in my office to even get noticed?”

These are some of the indignant comments a dear friend made to me when we were talking about the so-called ‘glass-ceiling effect’ and other challenges of the corporate world. The ‘glass ceiling effect’ has become an accepted concept in the corporate world, one which Wikipedia defines as ‘. . . a political term used to describe “the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements” ‘In common parlance, it simply refers to the seeming odds stacked against women in a seemingly male-dominated world.

While the odds are something most women say they use as fuel to keep pushing for their goal, it is downright frustrating to be paid less than a man even when you do more work just because you are a woman. The glass ceiling appears to be a worldwide phenomenon. The London Evening Newspaper recently ran an exclusive titled “Pay Gap widens as women earn 13 per cent less than men in London” Here are a few quick statistics: • Unequal pay and bonuses. 84% of women have been in situations where they are paid less than their male counterparts for doing the same work. • 4 in 10 women say they have faced gender discrimination personally but more often in the workplace •

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a huge problem and yet often difficult to prove • A dearth of women in top leadership positions, more women want to break that ‘glass ceiling’ • Concerns about property ownership in the event of divorce • Domestic abuse against women • And a whole lot more You know how they say that information is king, because having access to the right kind of information can empower you right? Well, I have good news for you!


I-WOW (Inspired Women Of Worth) is hosting its 2014 BUSINESS & CAREER Summit tagged “WOMEN OF THE FUTURE” on the 4th of October to equip women in business and career with practical tools required to ignite and empower them into taking the necessary steps to that next level. Steps to change your paradigm and position you to be consistently successful in the workplace, business or indeed in your own corner of the world.


I-WOW is a group of women dedicated to providing ‘inspiration for every woman’s soul – to inspire, to inform, to encourage, to empower, and to enlighten women’ through daily interactions on their Facebook platform (www.facebook.com/groups/Inspiredwomenofworth) and website (i-wow.org) as well as through periodic outreach events such as the Business and Career Summit coming up on October 4, 2014 at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos.

I-WOW believes the world is in need of empowered, encouraged, enlightened and ignited women – and they have made themselves available to be change and inspiration agents starting with one woman and eventually the nation and beyond.

This amazing group of business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs and professionals from all walks of life believe that women are worthy, women are strong, and women are the quickest way to reach the nation and the world at large. It will teach you when to ask for that promotion.

It will teach you how to position your business to stand out amongst the many. It is time for women to take their place at the helm of affairs in every sphere they find themselves, but right positioning is key and WOMEN OF THE FUTURE SUMMIT is the place to start begin.


Mark the date – Saturday October 4, 2014 in your calendar and register to attend The WOMEN OF THE FUTURE BUSINESS AND CAREER SUMMIT ‘NOW’ to re-position yourself, either via: [email protected] or www.i-wow.org .

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