The ability to wear stylishly clothes is one of the finest arts in fashion, and it’s always an inspiration to meet someone who truly has the knack for dressing well.

Emmanuella Onobun is the Creative Director at Esoven Designs and she is undoubtedly one of the foremost experts in design and dressmaking I know of. Her work at this true Nigerian label serves to show exactly how flattering, stylish and cool the right style of clothes can be.

We wanted to find out more about Ella’s own fashion blueprint, so we started by delving inside the epicentre of any woman’s personal style concept: Her handbag! Read on for the details…

Emmanuella Onobun

What’s in her bag?

Name: Emmanuella Onobun

Occupation: Founder & Creative Director, Esoven Designs

Personal style: DRAMATIC very fashionable, sophisticated, confident, assertive, bold, urban, powerful, fashion-forward, with an intense attractiveness.

The bag: I carry a Yves Saint Laurent Muse, tricolour. It was a much unexpected present from my husband and is almost my forever bag.

The purse/wallet: My wallet was also a gift from my sister, which she got from Paris. It is a gigantic turquoise Comme des Garcons wallet that I remember thinking was so huge that I wouldn’t use it and now I carry almost everything in it!

The gadgets: I use a Nokia 5800 and a Techno, Lol! – the perfect fusion between my old Blackberry and an iPhone.

Beauty ProductsMary Kay, Zaron, Mac, Blackup e.t.c

The rest: a bunch of keys for my home, the office, and a lot I don’t know where I got them from! My new  glasses, which I’m trying my best not to lose, some lollipops in case my kids need a treat and I always have a tape rule, a pen and a jotter for client measurements, oh! Of course, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip balm.

I have a lot of other junk in the bag, because of my kids, but I rather keep this simple.

Final thoughts: Of course a little marketing for Esovenn Designs lol! For info on Designing and dressmaking, contact me on: 08055656147.