Our latest “In Her Bag feature” gives us unique insight into the style secret of a young enterprising lady; known for true creativity. She shares the innermost contents of her everyday style possession: her handbag! This time, it’s the turn of Eseoghene Ise Odiete, the Creative Director of Hesey Designs merchandiser of luxury African handbags. Hesey Designs is an emerging fashion brand that blends exotic creative designs with African prints to produce unique products. Read on to see what we found!

HeseyName: Eseoghene Ise Odiete

Occupation: PR executive and Creative Director, Hesey Designs

What’s your Personal Style? I am the ‘tom boy turning girl’ kind of person. I never really had a personal style, as I could put on just anything Lol. Well, now am trying to be more style conscious as am in the fashion industry.  Am growing to love dresses, have bought or made a couple in recent times but my jeans and t-shirts is still the love of my life.

Titi tote bag 3The Bag: It’s the Titi Tote bag. As a bag designer, I hardly buy bags these days (at least the one to use). I could produce (something close or even better *wink) whatever bag that catches my eyes.  The Titi Tote bag is one of my best seller, I just had to keep one for myself *smiles. It’s Spacious enough to carry all my daily need.

The Purse/Wallet: The purse, I got from a friend way back. It’s in my favorite color, purple and has been my keeper for a while now.

The Gadgets: My Samsung s4, Blackberry and my Nokia phone. I hate dual sim phones so I have to keep a phone each for business, personal and all. My BB is for business, My Samsung is personal and my Nokia is my ride or die buddy when other phones fail, Lol.

Beauty Products: Am not a makeup person, my friends force me to use makeup either by applying it on me or by buying the products as a gift. In my bag, you will find a lipstick I hardly use, my gloss, kajal and my Salvatore Ferragamo perfume and yes, my hair brush.

Other items in my bag: a small notepad to jot any idea that pops up, a pen, lollipop or gum, pencil, my complimentary card, change of footwear…

Most Favorite Bag Item: MY SAMSUNG!!! Truly life’s companion…Lol

Final thoughts: Get yourself The Hesey bag at www.heseydesigns.com

HeseyDesigns-3-360BN BARGAIN


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