Madame Solange is a HR Administrator and an Online Store Owner, when she is not buried in her day job she is running her own Fashion online shop, Effizioni Fashion and rummaging through car boot sales looking for pretty retro and vintage knick knacks to please her shoppers.

Effizioni Fashion is fast becoming a favorite resource for fashion handbags, with expertly curated pieces from the Italian leather Market and more. Currently celebrating its birth and acceptance, the site aims to be recognized as one of the top 100 online Nigerian stores: as well as be on the roll-call of your best loved high-end high street brands presented all in one place, along with features on how to make the most of the pieces available to buy.

The site’s founder Helen Solange Inengite (Madame Solange) is passionate about supporting labels that place an emphasis on quality, having grown tired of the throwaway attitude of many high street shops. With Effizioni Fashion, she makes it her mission to source labels that refuse to compromise on materials and manufacture – but who still offer great value for money at attainable price points – and it’s easy to see from browsing the site that she’s got a sharp eye for style.

O, what does someone with such impeccable taste in clothes and accessories carry in her own handbag from day to day – and just as importantly, what sort of handbag would that be? Read on to find out more.

The Bag


What’s in her bag?


Name: Helen Solange Inengite (Madame Solange)

Occupation: Founder and creative director of Effizioni ventures, and a HR Administrator, at one of Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Company.

Personal style: My style is quite French – classic, chic, with a dramatic twist. Yes! I quite like a Classic Chic Feminine look and love my heels anyway. During the day I tend to be running between meetings however never mind the pain of the heels as my wheels.

The Bag: It is the latest addition to my bag shelf; this is a classic designer inspired brown Leather bag by handbag brand, Yes collection 1999. It’s my latest purchase from Milan and just love it – roomy enough to fit lots in, yet still looks really chic

The Gadgets Inside: My Samsung Note 2, and My Blackberry which I actually can’t do without.

Beauty Products: I wear make-up during the day and love; By Mary Kay products, Cover girl, Black-up Tara and Mac makeup pallet. More so I always have a lip gloss, loose powder and hair brush in my handbag for a little hint of color and that prim and proper look. Another must is a good hand cream and a bottle of perfume, right now I’m using a gorgeous lavender one from L’Occitaine and my must have Chance Channel which reminds me of holidays in Paris France.

The rest: My Make up Purse – always an essential, especially needed if I’ve been worked up in the middle of the day and some statement jewellery for when I need to dress up an outfit in an instant.


Madame Solange

Madame Solange


Madame Solange


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