In this week’s In Her Bag feature we get a glimpse into the style secret of Timi Onduku-Pedley creative director for TimiAlaere designs. This Fashion label showcases eclectic designs inspired by cross-cultural references and incorporating beautiful textiles that encompass exclusive, original prints with irregular organic flair and modern aesthetics.

It is evident from her designs that she has a knack for style asides being a Fashion designer.

Read on to find out what’s in her bag!

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Name: Timi Onduku-Pedley

Occupation: Fashion designer & founder/creative director of Timi Alaere designs


What’s your personal style?: I am like a fashion chameleon. My style changes constantly depending on my mood – from polished sophisticated ladylike looks to girlie cute pieces, or to a rock chic look with an edge. However, in most cases i incorporate all the different styles choices mentioned, in an ensemble.

My favorite everyday work style is always casual chic, mixing girlie cute shorts (like TimiAlare’s on the move shorts), skirts, skinny jeans etc. With silk blouses, fab TimiAlaere t-shirt or loose shirts paired with a polished tailored jacket while adding on some rock chic jewelries/edgy shoes and, complete the look with a classy bag.

The one ensemble i rely on when am experiencing a style inspiration shutdown is – a black skinny jeans, a simple top, a tailored jacket, high heel shoes, a classy designer bag, dangling earrings and a good make-up face. This sophisticated and effortless look gets me perfectly ready for almost any occasion without looking under dressed or overdressed.

I am looking forward to some good dresses though! (Will have to design more dresses for the next TimiAlaere collection) but most of all i dress for fun and do not take it too seriously.


Timi S

The bag: I rarely buy bags – most cases it’s between 3 -5 years before i buy a new one. I am mostly drawn to Louis Vuitton bags, which i have got a few. However, my new bestie at the moment is a metallic Gucci hobo bag that i just can’t stop carrying because it works from casual to dressy perfectly and goes well with all garments and accessory – colors/prints.

The purse/wallet: It’s a shiny red embossed Louis Vuitton, which also works well as a dressy clutch. It has served me for 4 years now and still looks great, am hoping it last me for 10 more years.

The gadgets: I am not really into gadgets but i now love and appreciate my iPhone 5, which also serves as a mini work computer on the move- it never disappoints.

Beauty products: My oil free press powder, lipstick and a moisturizer – are a most, never leaves my bag. Also during summer seasons i always carry my sunscreen.

Most favorite bag item: I will say my wallet and my phone because its where all my important things when am on the move are stored.

Final thoughts: It has being fun answering Madame Solange’s questions. I hope all you followers spend wisely, have fun with fashion and embrace your uniqueness – because that is what makes us all special.

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Stay fit and blessed, and i can’t wait to visit Nigeria – I really miss Naija.

Big hugs

Timi xx