Didi creations is your one stop shop for; Handbags and glamorous Boubou Collections which is made using the finest silk, chiffon, lace, and jersey, with a touch of Ankara fabric. The designs are inspired by the Western African traditional Boubou and Kaftan attires, which are worn mostly by the Senegalese and Nigerians.

Our latest “In her bag segment” is from none other than the delectable creative director of Didi creations. The London based designer says; “I call my brand (Didi Creations) a one stop Fashion Company because we cater for the fashion conscious through creating unique pieces of Bags, Clothing and Accessories”.

With such a passion for Fashion I was too eager to probe into the Fashion connoisseurs’ style sanctum, her handbag; perhaps we could learn a thing or two. See my interview with Tina and she did have a lot to share.


Tina Ndidi Ugo

Name: Tina Ndidi Ugo

Occupation: Founder and Creative Director for DiDi Creations Ltd.

Personal style: This really does vary day-to-day, depending on my mood and destination. I make an effort style-wise because I always love to dress up and enjoy standing out from the crowd. I never get tired of shopping for new fashion items (Clothes, bags, footwear, jewellery etc.). Truth is the more dramatic a fashion item, the more i am inclined towards buying it. For my footwear, I’m absolutely in love with heels (even have an 8inches pair) and have only recently started adding flats and ballerinas to my collection (though I hardly wear them). However, I’d say the following describe my fashion style the best on most occasions; Sophisticated, Assertive, Chic, Fierce, Afrocentric, Bold, Confident and Glamorous.

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The Bag: I am a brand freak and love good bags hence have invested in acquiring several from some my favorite brands over the years, until I eventually launched my brand two years ago.

My bag is called the “DiDi Treasure Box” (Limited Edition); it was made using real Antelope skin and Calf leather. It is one of my favorites from my last collection and I actually have it in three different colors. I love it because it is very spacious, with an internal side zip and mobile phone compartments.

As a Designer of Bags, Clothing and Accessories, I guess one can pardon my love for bags (especially real leather) as I never get bored or tired of adding a new piece to my already large personal collection every now and again.

The Wallet: My Wallet is a red leather wallet. Red is one of my favorite colors. It is also one of my products and I’ve had it for almost two years, yet it still serves its purpose to the fullest with little or no wear and tear visible.

Gadget: I get referred to as a gadget chic by friends most times (smiles). I can’t leave home without my iPad, and my three phones; (Blackberry P’9981 (Porsche Design), iPhone 5 and Nokia C6) in my bag. The phones all serve different purposes by the way. My love for red and leather is further reflected in my iPad case and phone pouches, as they were all made from genuine leather. I also carry a small handy purse for my coins, my Sony headset to listen to music on my iPad or iPhone. My bunch of keys, reading glasses and my sun shades are also always present in my bag as well.

Makeup: I love to make up, so it’s compulsory to carry my loaded makeup purse and makeup applicators in my bag at all times for touch ups. I’ve been a Mac brand loyalist for a while, hence my Studio Fix Powder, Cover up, Eye pencil, Eye shadows, Blush on, Mascara, Prep+Prime,  lipsticks, lip gloss and lip pencil are all Mac products. Guess this automatically makes Mac beauty products my favorite. I can’t leave home without my feminine hygiene wipes in my handbag, including my anti-bacteria hand gel and nourishing hand lotion. Finally a small perfume bottle is a must have in my bag always for refreshing at intervals; Chance by Chanel is one of my favorites of all times.

Favorite Bag Items: My favorite bag items are my Peppermints (I’m actually addicted to mints) and my iPad, I can’t seem to do without them at the moment. As a matter of fact; I work with my iPad, read, take notes, take photos, record videos, listen to thousands of downloaded music on it etc. and the list can go on and on.

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