Truly you can only get expert advice from a specialist who; talks the talk … walks the walk and looks the part. On our feature today is Leslie Okoye a Skin care expert, and CEO of CookieSkin. It is the new beauty range on a quest to change the concept/idea/meaning of ‘good skin’ amongst women with skin of color – Cookieskin


Meeting the beautiful skin expert for an interview was a very memorable one. Because indeed she had this Irresistible flawless ‘skin so fresh, it’s edible!’ Why interview Leslie? Of course I was curious to know what this beauty expert thinks of style, and what her style picks in fashion trends would be and I was not disappointed.


In Her Bag

Name: Leslie Blossom Okoye

Occupation: Skin care expert, CEO of CookieSkin

Personal Style: If I had to define it, I’ll say I’m Classic casual. I like to keep it simple and tend to buy functional but timeless pieces with classic cuts, fabrics and colors that never go out of style. So it could cost $50 or $500 so far as it flatters my body shape and can last 10 washes, it’s worth trying on. On the other hand, I do love pretty elegance even in simplicity.

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The Bag: It’s a Phantom, Celine in tan. I love the color and it’s big enough to fit my life.

The Gadgets: I have my phones, iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, Marc Jacobs’s sunglasses

Beauty Products: Everyday makeup, Mac powder, House of Tara Lipstick, Mac lip gloss, CookieSkin Nourishing Whitening Cream which I use as hand cream, hair brush.

Most Favorite Bag Item:  My sunglasses and my CookieSkin cream

Final thoughts: My handbag is like an office, a necessity to hold my lifelines for the day and have them with me everywhere.