In Fashion Rehab


Fashion Rehab has fast become one of our favorite resources for fashion and style tips, with expertly created posts and style ideas. The site is currently celebrating its award as; “ The Best Fashion Blog Winner, in the Naija Blog awards,  it is on the roll-call of our best loved fashion blog presented all in one place.

The site’s founder Velma Williams is passionate about letting her readers know that style has no shape or size, but creativity. Also when a person thinks fashion, they think – In Fashion Rehab. Surely our style team attests to the fact that, she has she’s got a sharp eye for style.

As usual we enter her style sanctum to see what this pleasant lover of fashion has “In Her Bag”.




What is in your bag

Name: Velma Williams

Occupation: Creative Director of  Fashion Rehab

What’s your Personal Style? I love mixing colors and trying out new things. I am girly at heart, but with a little tom boy side. I love to have fun, so my style kinda depicts that.  I don’t really follow trends, I basically just wear what I feel comfortable in

The Bag:  The bag is Marc Jacob, it’s one of my favorite bags and its very spacious and has a lot of locations to store different Items.

The Purse/Wallet: This Wallet is Louis Vuitton. It was a gift my mum gave to me a long time ago, I think it’s about 4 or 5 years old and it’s still looking brand new. The color is so sexy, and I won’t give it up until it gets old.

The Gadgets: I normally carry my Ipad around with me, with my two phones (Iphone and Samsung), and sometimes my Ipod.

Beauty Products: Well I normally have my Mac pink lipstick, covergirl mascara and Rimmle London color balm with me everywhere I go,

Most Favorite Bag Item: My favorite Item are my phones lol, can’t live without them

Final thoughts: For more info on Fashion Rehab, visit