Shaamazing Rekana Sharon Ojong

Interviewing industry experts in different fields might be an easy take, but when one needs to interview a Fashion Stylist, then you have to gear up for the best.

For our latest; In her Bag segment we meet with the beautiful, energetic and very stylish Fashion guru.  Rekana Sharon Ojong the Creative Director, D.E.E.V.A.S./ Associate Producer and In-House Stylist at SPICE FASHION CHANNEL

We caught up with her at work, while at the Orange Golf Tournament/Junior Golf Camp that took place in Ilara-Mokin, Ondo State, Nigeria. And she did not hesitate to share her most personal style companions, and must-have travel items.

Interview Questions

Name:  Rekana Sharon Ojong

Occupation: Creative Director, D.E.E.V.A.S./ Associate Producer and In-House Stylist at SPICE FASHION CHANNEL

What’s your Personal Style?  My personal style is versatile and mixed. It changes with my mood and where I’m headed that day.

My Bag is by Ralph Lauren Easy Copper Tote Bag
-It’s my best travel handbag. It is big, strong and reliable.

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My wallet is by Folli Follie
-I’ve had it for about three years. The content is a story for another day. Just know, you can take a two day trip with my wallet. It has every beauty must have item in it.

The Gadgets:  My Samsung S4 Zoom Camera, my iPhone, my blackberry, my iPod, my iPad and my ear piece. Yes I am a gadget person. I LOVE music and I do a lot of writing, blogging, reporting and social media campaigns on-the-go for different brands so I need them all.

Beauty Products:  My lip balm, 50ml BCBG Maxazria perfume/Bvlgari carry on perfume, tweezers, sanitizer, baby wipes, moisture cream, eye drop(for clear eyes) and makeup items(daily I throw in my red lipstick, blue and black mascaras, eyebrow definer into a small purse and always have my Zaron brush pallet. But when I’m heading out of town, I bring the whole bag and that stays in my box).

-Also, I just discovered a lipstick range I’m obsessed with, ZAMOUX by a Nigerian based in England. On a normal day I am perfectly okay with just lipstick on. And bless me if it has a matte finish.

Other Items: My complimentary cards

Most Favourite Bag Item:  One item I cannot leave my house without are my phones. Whether it’s to a supermarket, just next door or strolling down, my iPod is with me

I also can’t leave my house without sunglasses and most times my nerdy glasses
a) I am not a fan of doing eye makeup.
b)  I have a sorry case of dark circles as when others are sleeping, I am working. So I love to cover the circles and just in case it is not a sunny day or after work dinner/drinks I throw the nerdy glasses on

Final thoughts: Your handbag, clutch or purses personify you first of all. What I carry in my handbag is to save myself from the embarrassment of asking something or the other from a colleague or fellow co-passenger, and looking unkempt, so I always keep these items in my purse to keep myself fresh and ever ready!

See Stylish pictures of the SHAAMAZING SHARON.

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Photo Source: Rekana Sharon Ojong

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