Medlin Boss (Mimi Yina)

Have you tried wearing a couple of your wardrobe pieces in same color? Combing a grey top, with a grey skirt, or a white shirt with white pair of jeans.

Does it remind you of your school uniform? Maybe! But guess what, It’s not a fashion faux paux neither is it boring; it’s simply the monochromatic dress style.

Monochromatic dressing can be stylish and it’s easy to pull off, because you need to worry about pulling too many items together (mixing and matching).


It makes you look taller and gives a slimming effect; of course you’ll love that won’t you?

However dressing in a column of color can be simple yet requires some effort.

But while dressing in a column of color is relatively simple, it still requires some thought and effort.


Dull fabrics can create dowdy looks

Style Guide:

Bear in mind that if you decide to monochrome, good textured fabrics will be a key ingredient in creating that chic appearance, rather than dull outfits.

See sample monochrome looks here for style inspiration.


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