Sequel to the New York Fashion week women’s ready to wear shows! Is the London Fashion Week; so far I love what I see and the following is one of my favorite designers to show so far. For fashion followers, who know her, when we think of Mary Katrantzou thoughts turn to bold digitally generated prints.

This time around she turned off her computer this season to explore different ways of decorating clothes, primarily via lace, brocades, pleats, jewellery pieces and chain mail, without one single piece of eye-popping digital print. These elements all formed a collection that was more approachable and luxurious than ever.

See her interpretation of how symbols embraces the idea of the “professional” signifier—school and sports uniforms, scouts and their badges, businessmen’s pinstripes… and the purest flight of fancy, a butcher’s metal apron turned into a mesmerizing bias-cut serpent’s skin, trapping a torrent of pleats.

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