How often do you wear a white blazer? I know a lot about good looks and I am a sucker for dapper looking gentlemen. As a fashion consultant I always advice clients to own a pair of white blazer as part of their capsule collection. Here is why?

Style Guide:

During events like weddings, or church outings or black tie events, white Blazers can play a style role in your wardrobe.

White makes you look and stay cool. The Suns heat waves reflects better on bright colours. Thanks to science.

White adds freshness to your look. Makes you stand out and draws attention to you.

A white blazer would go with many colors, my favorite being black and white. Perfect outfit to any glam occasion.

To get the look is simple, Just get style inspiration from our mood board. And style picks.


White Blazer paired with white shite.


Black shoes

Photo source: @messageclothing _clothing instagram