Allowing Facial hair to sprout is a personal or natural style option. However personal hygiene is required to counteract unfriendly beard friends.

Despite rocking the beardgang trend there are likely to be issues associated with maintaining this style option.
Think about it a lot of factors can make or mar your style routine, like dirt, natural oils, cigarette smells etc. and these factors can make your beard unruly and uninviting.

Style Tip:

Just washing may be a good option however there are other style rituals that can help you keep up with the beard-gang and keep your facial hairs clean and supple.

1. Get a proper beard wash
2. The Comb is an essential tool
3. Condition regularly

Whatever style option you choose, staying well groomed and fresh is every ladies style dream.

Check out some celebs rocking this trend.


Noble Igwe


Obi Somto


Ozzy Agu


Joro Olumofin


Photo source: instagram