Name: Badara Ndiaye

Origin: Senegalese (African)

Bio: Dare I tell the story behind the face? Badara Ndiaye, born Senegalese, son of a diplomat, Basketball player turned model, is taking the world of Fashion by storm. After being specifically handpicked to play basketball for the U.S. and having played for the Iowa Hawkeyes, and subsequently for FIU, almost in the same breath, he became injured.
After his career changing surgery, he had to re-invent himself after digging deep inside himself and gave in to his true purpose, which is the love, for aesthetic, beauty, and fashion.
After meeting Prescott McDonald, who immediately took him under his wing, and took him to his first test shoot, and fashion events, another key player appeared in Badara’s rise to “men’s high fashion modelin fame”, Maxim Sapoznikof, Owner/CEOof Fashiontomax Magazine, where Badara worked as the Men’s Fashion Editor. This platform gave him only one choice, and that was to fulfill everyone’s request to share his BRAND and BADARA OFFICIAL will quench the thirst of fashion connoisseurs worldwide.
Badara has been a regular in participating in Milan Fashion Week, and has been featured in GQ/UK, and New York times, WSJ, and Women’s Wear Daily. After being solicited by D-Wade, Lebron James, and Jennifer Lopez, it resulted in an energy drink commercial. He was strongly solicited to go to Morocco, by Jamal Debbouze, a famous French Comedian for the Festival Du Rire, of which he is the founder and host. Jamal specifically requested Badara’s presence.
Currently, Badara is traveling in and out of the country, fulfilling his passion and the worlds. He is the originator, of Badara Official, a peek into what men’s real fashion wear, is really all about on a consistent, palpable, and fashion statement, life changing point of view. For those that are in the know, they will love it, appreciate it, and be addicted to it.

Checkout some of Badara’s stylish pictures that keeps us smiling and stylishly inspired

Instagram: @badaraofficial