Tribe and Elan cover

Morsi Pr Blog start online magazine called TRIBE AND ELAN and debuts first Edition tagged ‘The Return Edition’ with fashion designer Obiageli Maduwuba.

The Morsi PR blog has been transformed to become a full online website.


Chekout the Editors note:

Welcome to a New Dawn , A New day in both the history of our great country Nigeria and also in our blog – MORSI .

Yesterday’s dream has become today’s reality as we hit the road .However, the creation of Tribe & Elan the once popular MORSI blog, has seen the former brand ultimate transformation into a webzine platform of Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle issues complete with fresh faces from diverse backgrounds and inspirational icons from the past, proved to have an abundance of
talent and a wellspring of vision. Thus, this issue, The Return, is a culmination of effort, boldly drawn from copious amounts of perspiration and dedication.

In this issue, we see the return to the fashion radar – Oby Chioma Madawuba of Bijelly Couture . Find out what she’s been and what she has been up to. Also meet our foreign Naija brand BKYO. While you discover the tell tale signs that scream DETOX and find out what revolutionary happenings is taking place in the Abuja beauty sector and the Mistakes married women make.

Enjoy your read with us as we are set to Change the Game. To read stories in the magazine, Click Here

Cover – Obiageli Maduwuba      |  Photography – Mike Ofori     | Outfit – Bijelly Couture