Miranda rocks a military-style blazer and pencil skirt with aplomb.

Miranda rocking a military-style blazer and pencil skirt.

Every fashionista’s favorite fashion movie The Devil Wears Prada, turns 10. If you are new into fashion and never saw the movie, now is the time to go watch it. Why? Because it tells a story of an ordinary girl’s (Andy Sachs’s) transformation from a frumpy no style girl to one fabulous style diva. A change inspired by her boss Miranda Priestly a top fashion editor.

Since we always preach style here and seek to educate our readers, we recommend this movie, because it is one of those classic movies that teaches a rookie about what goes on in the fashion industry, regards Fashion PR, how fashion magazines operate, the liaison between the fashion industry and the media, stylists, fashion editors, fashion shows etc.

The costume designer of the movie Patricia Field, also responsible for costuming the movie Sex and the City is to be thanked for creating such an amazing wardrobe for the star cast, from Andy’s double-breasted Chanel blazer to Miranda’s arsenal of chic suiting. All the outfits worn by the top cast, certainly leaves a lasting impression on any fashionable viewer.

As the movie marks a decade, we can’t help but give kudos to the producers as they have left an imprint on the sands of fashion. If 2016 is the fashion/style transformation year for you, you might want to see the movie and learn a thing or two from the story of a frumpy girl to a fashionista.
Check out some high fashion moments from the movie as we reminisce on the style transformations from important characters in the movie. Besides all of these high fashion looks in the movie still remain relevant and chic, ten years after. So who wouldn’t steal a thing or two from the movie?

Our favorite is here where Andy layers like a pro with a button-down, off-the-shoulder-top, and graphic pearls.

Devil wears prada

Andy layers like a pro with a button-down, off-the-shoulder-top, and graphic pearls.

Checkout top style moments from the movie and tell us what you think. You never know you might just become the next Andy Sach’s of our time.

Source: Glamour