Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The rate at which the team #Teamnatural trend is catching up certainly speaks volumes for the Nigerian beauty industry.
Each time I hear my sister describe the Nappy look she goes in Igbo parlance “Ha di ka ndi ara” (meaning- they all look like mad people). I always wonder why she would think that.

Dear kid sister I beg to differ, in my opinion they look beautiful. Why would anyone think an African woman born with Nappy hair is not beautiful because she has not retouched nor straightened her hair with chemicals. Western civilization has sure tainted our ideology of what beauty should be.

I have always admired Chimamanda for owning her hairstyle amongst others who have boldly embraced the nappy look. It might be difficult to maintain but I believe if we as African women tap into the roots of nature we might always find something to help us wear our natural hair conveniently.

I for one have started my #Teamnatural journey and want to live the dream, who knows how long I will last with this look, knowing that I have always loved a sleek look.

Someone please define beauty because at this juncture I do not know what being beautiful means anymore. This makes me ask certain questions, why should I retouch my hair? Why can’t I be beautiful with my natural hair? Who defines beauty?

Do we look mad or just beautiful and natural?

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