What woman doesn’t dream of being pampered? Manicures, foot massages, Pedicures, eating, drinking and lots of fun!!!

Effizioni events and Ms Style Parties, recently put together a post-partum pamper Party for Mum’s. The aim was to give women, and mum’s a treat to help maintain a sane and healthy lifestyle. Anyone who plays the Wonder Woman role knows that it’s a big deal, handling your little ones and a home all together.

Health is wealth! might be a cliché saying but if we are to go by that saying we will all testify that without a good life all we labor for is futility. So as a way of helping woman achieve a healthy work life balance, we say; all work and no play makes mummy dull. Which is why we put together a fabulous event for all mums to come hangout, network, relax and be pampered.

When putting this pamper party together, we definitely wanted to capture the concept of a serene, green, healthy environment. Not forgetting that our goal was to create a look that would serve as a party and mini salon environment. Which is why we choose our color scheme to be green balancing it our with a feminine touch off pink.

As guests arrived they were treated to cocktails and finger foods (popularly known as small chops in Nigeria). We had a pamper party backdrop for guests to have their photo-ops done. With the DJ blaring to sweet tunes in the background our ambience was set for fun galore.

Photo-Ops & Funshots

Ladies were treated to; warm foot soaks, pedicures, foot massages and manicures by our in house beauty experts. In the interim was also a mini networking session allowing women share with others about their business, while new friends were made.
The networking session also allowed mum’s talk about mothering challenges, new mum’s got free tips from old mum’s and lots of information was passed on.

Pamper Treats

Networking & Fun

What’s a party without a Munch bar, the focal point of our munch bar was our menu filled with yummy mouthwatering dishes, featuring:

 Moi Moi in Bowls (Baked Bean Pudding)
 Meatballs in Tomato Sauce dipped in honey
 French Fries
 Salad (Cabbage, Carrots,Celery, Shredded Chicken breast, Nuts)
 Salad (Cucumber, Boiled Eggs, Avocado in Mayo Sauce)
 Plantain Chips Garnished in Ginger and Pepper
 Boiled Corn in its hub

What a way to be pampered! With so much color, vibe and fun. Our guest were happy and took home copies of the Working Moms Africa magazines, supplied by our supporters and publishers of the beautiful magazine for mum’s.

We look forward to more amazing pamper parties for mum’s. Thanks to all mum’s, who made it to the event, we appreciate your patronage, the rain came down on us at some point, but we all pulled through.

Watch out for our next event in October, it’s  going to be the independence edition.

You don’t want to miss it.


Event Organizers: Effizioni Events & MS Style parties
Host: Madame Solange
Photography: Sambrightsaesthetics
Graphics: Kellasworldgraphicsandprints
Snacks: Tastiechopzsncocktails
Munch Bar: Kadinessouppot
Magazines: Working Moms Africa