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Inspiration Mondays are always fun as we discuss style philosophy with our featured guests. On our style radar today is fast rising singer, Akingbenga Akinyemi, popularly known as he tells Madame Solange about how he uses his image to boost his success.

Read below our style find and be inspired.


First, tell us about your work wear style.

My work wear style varies on how I feel. My style can vary from; urban style, to a nice bespoke suit, to traditional wear, or even sometimes mixing urban style with traditional wear. But if I am working from home, then sometimes my style is; “nothing on” Lol!

Why is image such an important part of your professional identity?

It is very important because style is an extension of your identity. People cannot see where you live, or what you drive, or what kind of person you are on the inside, in terms of personality all they can see is your appearance. Why not allow them to think the best of you. That does not mean you should be sleeping in your car to dress well.

What’s been the biggest challenge with your professional image?

The biggest challenge with my professional image “style wise” is figuring what to wear. How am I going to express myself style wise today?

Tell us about a fashion faux pas you made and what you learned.

I wore leather jogging pants in the Lagos sun!!! I think I lost a few kilos that day. Come and see sweat, but I looked like a million bucks!! Lol

Have you ever had an aha moment about your style?

I have Aha moments all the time aha moments are what makes an individual stand out, especially in the entertainment industry. Ask Derenle.

Can you give us one piece of advice on dressing professionally?

Be yourself…..Be free…… Look good…… and of course BE COMFORTABLE……. NO GO KILL YOURSELF!!!

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