Chidera’s Style Philosophy

Welcome to inspiration Monday where we teach that clothes never define an individual but clothes can make you better. If you don’t agree perhaps you should be reminded that the daily ritual of dressing and grooming never ends. Neither does the constant sizing-up by network of friends and colleagues ever end.
We all make have our fashion faux pas and aha moments, and our style radar today willing to share her style philosophy is the amiable CEO of Catch22 Model Management, Chidera Uduezue.

Here is what you would find about her style and how she uses image to boost career success.


Chidera Uduezue

First tell us about your work wear style?
My work wear style is classy, professional yet chic. It could be a pair of fitted pants/pencil skirt with a nice blouse, or a knee length dress. The bag and shoes, always add spice to my outfit.

Why is image such an important part of your professional identity?
Image should be an important part of one’s identity. People see you before they talk to you. They should want to approach you simply because of your outlook, before they even get to know your persona. A lot can be said about a person from their sense of style: Is he/she comfortable in their own skin, conservative, daring and so on. So Image is a very important part of my professional identity, because it basically speaks before I approach a person or get approached.

What’s been the biggest challenge with your professional image?
Hmm!!! The biggest challenge is usually in going with the trend, but that does not always apply to me. I wear whatever I feel comfortable and look good in, vogue or not but it has to be professional.
Tell us about a fashion faux pas you made and what you learned?
Lol! None that I can recollect right now. I’m sure I have made several

Have you ever had an aha! Moment about your style?
Well, yeah! I always feel great when I put an outfit together, step out and get complimented either verbally or with stares lol… So yeah, tells me I am doing something right with my style.

Can you give us one piece of advice on dressing professionally?
Keep it simple, tasteful, classy and show less skin.

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What’s your look of success and style philosophy? We love to know, why not share and inspire others.

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