Madame Solange’s Style Philosophy

Clothes never define an individual but clothes can make you better. If you don’t agree perhaps you should be reminded that the daily ritual of dressing and grooming never ends. Neither does the constant sizing-up by network of friends and colleagues ever end.

We all make have our fashion faux pas and aha moments, and I have decided to share my style philosophy and how I use image to boost career success.

Here is what you would find about my style.


Ankara Blazer Looks

Madame Solange, fashion consultant at Effizioni fashions and style editor at online blogazine – madamesolange.com

About my workwear style.
It won’t be cliché to say first impressions are important. At least from my stylist point of view, the way you dress is your visual resume. I always think of what my potential client would imagine when they see me.

For my work wear style, I like to speak the visual language of; style, chic, creative, approachable and simple.

When I used to retail clothes this was a first point of contact for whoever I met. People would always walk up to me and complement my outfit or overall appearance. I realized that clients would relate with you when they consider you an expert in your field, especially when you practice what you preach.

For instance I would pair an Ankara blazer with a jeans to a presentation, rather than a traditional skirt suit. This for me implies creativity and speaking my style language.

Why image plays an important part my professional identity?
As a fashion consultant, one definitely has to look the part! Most importantly verbal and non-verbal communication is a major aspect of my job. My image certainly affects that. Getting a new client depends on how I present myself and my entire brand. I present an image that says I am competent and the required expert suitable for the job.

What’s been the biggest challenge with my professional image?
I always love to push the boundaries with my fashion picks and it does get difficult sometimes wearing what you want, especially when you have a target audience.

Considering the dynamic fashion world we live in, sometimes it gets difficult researching trends and keeping up with them as you grow older. Now as a fashion consultant with my own practice, I face these challenges when sometimes I have to style younger women. Nonetheless it’s my job so the challenges pushes me to work harder.

About a fashion faux pas I’ve made and what I learnt.
I was hosting a red carpet event and my tailor didn’t finish my outfit on time. I was messed up because I didn’t have a plan B, and I arrived at the venue late. So I lost control of my fashion sense at the time and decided to wear a lacy Iro and buba (Traditional Wrapper and Tunic) to host the event. Everyone was waiting for me as the hostess, when I arrived all eyes were on me and I felt it was awkward, but it turned out people like it. Voila! I became red-carpet host trendsetter.

It was a good lesson because, I learnt to always have not only plan B but also a plan C.

My aha moment on my style?
I have always been complemented about my sense of style. People always feel I can get away wearing whatever. However I believe and always preach that with great confidence you can pull of anything.

One piece of advice on dressing professionally?
Originality is key. When sorting out your professional style, always consider the ethics of your profession, the audience you meet with and your personal style.

What’s your look of success and style philosophy? We love to know, why not share and inspire others.

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