Dressing up for office can be a tedious task, as you have to look for an outfit that is formal, along with being comfortable. While the standard white shirt with black suit works just perfectly for all days, we all love the chance to be able to add some spice to our office wardrobe, and that’s where Effizionifashion comes in for your style tips.
Fashion tops are ideal for wearing to office, and with their new trendy designs and styles, will ensure that you do not get bored of your 9 to 5 routine. When dressing up for office, one of the most important considerations to make is to ensure that you do not end up looking too flashy or indecent.

fashion cowl neck is ideal to strike this fine balance. You can buy one in a basic color like blue, and team it up with a classic pair of black trousers.

Another nice trend for office wear is a wrap top. Be sure to wear a snug camisole under this top, and you can even pair it with a blazer to keep yourself warm in a cooled office. Such a top is perfect to hit an evening after-office party. Just add a sexy pair of fashion shoes, and some trendy accessories and you are all set to transform into a party diva!

If you thought that office wear was all about monochromatic fashion and boring, solid prints, a long striped top may be all you need to change that! You can get some awesome striped tops with faux belts, which do not just fit like a dream and flatter your body shape, but also look great when worn to office.

Another interesting trend to experiment with at office is ruffles, this I think is quite stylish and come in some amazingly trendy designs, and make for a stylish office outfit. You can add some drama to your office look with a bright fuchsia ruffle buttoned shirt, which can be paired with a white blazer for a flawless office look.
Ruffles can also be incorporated into satiny fabrics for a sexy office look. You can buy such a top in black, and team it down with some delicate fashion accessories. The key to getting a drool-worthy office wardrobe is thinking beyond preconceived notions and rules, and adding a personal touch to your style wardrobe, while still adhering to the norms of office culture.
There you have it revamp your style.