Hello Stylistas, its another #Owambe weekend, and it was a nice one. Remember I love #owambe like kids love candy. The color scheme for this #owambe was teal and yellow, however since I did not acquire the asoebi, I decided to improvise. Yes! I did we don’t all havet look the same yeah? So I played on colors and decided to wear a black guipure lace, just so I was not out of place, I blended into the occasion with hues of teal which I wore under my see through guipure lace.

I finished off the look with a black and gold gele (headgear) and matched it with a gold studded slipper. Noticed I accessorized with gold earrings a chunky teal necklace and a teal handfan. Making my black not so obvious and drawing more attention to the now conspicuous teal ensemble. This combination enabled me blend into the sea of teal crowd and I was not missing in action.

What do you think?

See pics below. IMG_24698533771961 IMG_24660001736113 IMG_24630186304419 IMG_24798628230659 IMG_24870882157741   IMG_25942134487035