It is Haute Couture time i.e. High Fashion in my favorite city Paris. Did you know Haute Couture clothes are custom-fitted clothing that are constructed by hand without using sewing machines and sergers/overlockers. Did you say wow!  This is actually done from start to finish; yes they are made from very expensive, high quality fabrics and sewn with the utmost care. They are made by highly experienced seamstresses, using hand techniques that are time consuming. To make a Haute Couture dress it takes from 100 to 400 hours, and a Haute Couture suit can cost up to $60,000, while a dress can go up to $100,000.

BasicallyHaute which is French means high and whilecouture is translated as sewing not anyone can be an Haute Couture designer, or sell their clothes as such. To be part of a haute couture house, a business must belong to the Syndical Chamber for Haute Couture in Paris, which is regulated by the French Department of Industry. However, the term is also used loosely to describe all high-fashion custom-fitted clothing, whether it is produced in Paris or in other fashion capitals such as London, Milan, New York or Tokyo.

There are only 2000 women who buy couture today, 60% of which are American. There are only 200 people who are regular customers. However, we can often see Couture clothes worn by famous people. They don’t buy them, but get these clothes as a loan, so they advertise for the house’s mainstream products such as perfume. So in case you are thinking of wearing Haute Couture attire someday here you have your facts.


This year 2014, Versace kicked off the couture week in Paris yesterday with it’s ever show stopping; Atelier Versace show. Lady Gaga, the face of Versace’s current ad campaign, made a grand entrance at the Atelier Versace show

The show brings with it the elegance and power of the contemporary goddess, a juxtaposition of glamour and mystery, using cinched-in poise that meets the fluidity and provocation of Grace Jones. We Have a view of different ways with draping that are sculpted and controlled to highlight the lines of sleek tailoring, or liberated and sensual for fluid silk jersey dresses. – Versace

The glamorous collection took the Parisian runway with thirty show stopping looks.

Find style inspiration here.


Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-00 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-01 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-02 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-03 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-04 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-05 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-06 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-07 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-08 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-09 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-10 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-11 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-12 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-13 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-14 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-15 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-16 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-17 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-18 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-19 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-20 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-21 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-22 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-23 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-24 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-25 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-26 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-27 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-28 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-29 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-30 Atelier-Versace-Spring-Summer-2014-31