Check out this lovely collection from Lebanon-raised designer Rami Kadi. The designer riffed on arabesque patterns for his first couture presentation in Paris after three years in business. “I wanted to come and bring Arabic culture, so I got inspired from everything that has to do with Arabic architecture, and did it in a very modern, trendy, edgy look,” Rami Kadi.


Arabesque designs popped in rich colors on everything from a beaded dress hemmed in mink to an impressive coat paved in bullion embroideries. They were also laser cut into a skirt.

Striking looks included a long dress with bold geometric patterns in blue, yellow and red, reminiscent of tiles, and a pale blue wedding gown with woven gold-and-silver filigree. The collection — with silhouettes ranging from form-fitting to flaring — was opulent, yet wearable….WWD

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