From Outlandish frocks to prom queen looks, what really are the rules of engagement for the red carpet, as am beginning to think it’s no more about fashion and style but about brands selling their dreams. I may be wrong, someone please educate me. Is red carpet fashion really relevant to the fashion industry? If yes, then who benefits, is it the big wig designers or every stylish designer in the industry.

There is a constant competition to dress the stars and if you have a frock on the right person then your brand becomes large. But can we all afford it? Do the designers only make clothes for the rich? Then who cares about that fashion savvy person who could be the selling point for a brand. What if I turned up wearing who knows what, would I be counted not-red-carpet worthy because am not a celeb. Its only when Celebs turn out wearing a particular designers brand then it becomes a luxury brand and a time for extravaganza.

It’s common knowledge that most celebs sometimes are not Fashion Savvy but become enviable style Icons because they turned up at an award show in a designer piece. But after the red carpet then what? Come to think of it the red carpet can be quite confrontational where lights are blazing and there is a backdrop with a sponsor’s log on it and bang you have to stand and pose for the cameras as the photographers seemingly harass you.

I do not even think your fashion mind can tell a story at that moment because for all you know, you are just the designer’s campaign material. So if I were not an actress does this mean my really nice outfit never gets noticed, will I ever be invited back on the carpet for being nobody? So I ask again are Red Carpets for the Fashion Savvy? Is it about Fashion? Or about Brands selling their dreams?

In my view it should be about Fashion and style. I think for those who love fashion the fashion industry can take a go at this opportunity and really clothe more Fashionistas with statement pieces since it’s obvious that the industry can barely produce enough clothes to dress every A, B and C-list celeb for all the awards shows, premieres, festivals, galas and sundry other ‘appearances’ they attend in the course of a year. Besides fashion is for all and should be targeted at every possible fashion savvy individual.

So, that said  and back to red carpet drama, see our collage of ladies at the 2014 AMVCA below, showing the good the bad and the ugly, you be the judge, remember style is unique to the individual.


When Less is more


The Slits are Inn


Princess Diaries




Sleeves are my thing


All covered up


Sleeves and train


The Grecian Cut


The Red Diva’s


We Love Bustiers


Blue Blue Blue


The Strappy Shine


Short Dresses on the Red Carpet


Still Slits


The Lace Collection


Green with Envy


Black Out


Ladies in Red


We love to party


We own our style


Bond Girls

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