Attending fashion weeks is a fashion eccentric’s favourite pastime, it can be time consuming hurrying in and out of fashion shows just to catch the latest collections and street style looks for other fashionistas.

I look back on one of such moments when Madame Solange took to the streets of Paris, during Paris Fashion weeks to capture the best street style looks. It was quite an adventure seeing lots of fashion forward people come out for street style fashion.

Most memorable were those decked head to toe in Chanel Garbs, they were quite a spectacle to behold. I look forward to more of these fashion week adventures, because I actually enjoyed being paparazzi at the event.

Enjoy lovely fashion and style looks from the Chanel Street Style Fashion.



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And its a wrap, from Madame Solange the Paparazzi at 151 Chanel Boulevard stay tuned for more of Madame Solange’s Diary in Paris