Rihanna takes the cover story of TUSH Magazine‘s latest edition captured by fashion photographers Steven Gomillion & Dennis Leupold with styling from Nadia Rath.

In charge of hair styling was Yusef, with makeup by Lora Arellano, and manicure by Kimmie Kyess.

Creative direction by Ciarra Pardo and production by Creative Sting Tyler chick.

Rihanna-TUSH-Magazine-02 Rihanna-TUSH-Magazine-03 Rihanna-TUSH-Magazine-04 Rihanna-TUSH-Magazine-05 Rihanna-TUSH-Magazine-06 Rihanna-TUSH-Magazine-07 Rihanna-TUSH-Magazine-08 Rihanna-TUSH-Magazine-09 Rihanna-TUSH-Magazine-10 Rihanna-TUSH-Magazine-11 Rihanna-TUSH-Magazine-12 Rihanna-TUSH-Magazine-13

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