Yes! Feeling very hot with Femme Fatale (Vogue Paris), as supermodel Lara Stone stars in the cover story of Vogue Paris March 2014 edition captured by fashion photography duo Mert & Marcus. For the Fatale story Lara is joined by up and comers Anna Luisa Ewers and Amanda Wellsh. In charge of styling was Emmanuelle Alt.

Pardon my obsession with great styling, and have I seen a more interesting cover and editorial? Maybe! Because this Vogue Paris, Femme fatale Cover story with supermodel; Lara Stone, is very exquisite. Pardon my love for beautiful photo-shoot’s but I just had to bring you guys this story.

C’est très très chaud and this Femme Fatale is on the verge of melting the cover anyway. Kudos to the style team, son très exquis.

Do you think so?

Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-01 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-02 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-03 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-04 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-05 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-06 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-07 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-08 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-09 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-10 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-11 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-12 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-13 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-14 (1) Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-15 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-16 Lara-Stone-Vogue-Paris-Mert-Marcus-17