What does a Fabulous Monday look like, for some it might be having lots of cash in the bank or perhaps having a dream come true wardrobe and being able to fulfill their style needs. For others it may be just lazing about in some dream resort and having a work free style week.

But for Madame Solange the joy of wearing a new hair style and a new shoe evokes feeling of fabulousness and style, which is a lot more refreshing than a boring weekend. And for me that’s a good thing, please don’t call me vain, (wink*). Knowing that a Lazy Monday Morning can be dampening I need something to spur me on and keep me motivated.

What keeps you motivated on Mondays, well if you are stylish like us here then see our Monday style tips for inspiration.

Stay Stylish for a Monday Meeting in a Vneck gown and black heels, complete your look with the Chanel White purse.


Monochrome away on Tuesday and look fabulously formal yet stylish.
Monochrome away with embroidered slim trousers on Tuesday and look fabulously formal yet stylish.
Pink and Green? Yes! Still on the color block, pair your green skirt with a lovely baby pink shrug top, finish off with pink nail lacquer and smell great while at it on Wednesday. 
Its Thursday and the week is winding down, why not start working your way into the weekend mode with a nice pair of Jeggings, bandage top and throw over a cropped cardigan. Complete your look with a nice pair of flats.
Without a doubt its Friday yippee and time for denim on denim. What do you think?
Watch out for more on  style tips with Madame Solange.